Saturday, March 31, 2012

Onam Pookalam – Photos of Floral Designs - pookkalam,Athapookalam,Onam Pookalam

Onam Pookalam – Photos of Floral Designs. Talk about Onam in Kerala and one of the first images that come to mind is that of the blossom bed or floral arrangements known as Pookkalam or Athapookalam. The traditional Ona-pookalam typically consists of ten rings indicating the ten day ritual during the ten day celebrations of Onam which begins on Atham and ends on Thiru Onam in the month of Chingam (August – September)
Now a days many pookkalams concentrate more on the design part and in the process the ten rings are avoided. The pookkalams mainly distillate on the various cultural aspects of Kerala and on the Onam myth.
Here are pictures of some of the Pookkalams that won first prize in competitions held in Onam 2011,2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005. The aim is to give an idea of the various contemporary designs used in pookalam, which is a natural rangoli or kolam. The larger image might not be always of high quality.
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  1. You have a great collection of Pookalam Pictures. The best thing is that all photos have traditional pookalams.


  2. Very nice! I like browsing different onam pookalam designs with complicated patterns, especially floral ones. Thanks for sharing these!