Friday, August 20, 2010

Onam,Pookalam,Aththa-Poo,Designs of Pookkalam,Floral Carpet Competitions

Pookalam is an intricate and colourful arrangement of flowers laid on the floor. Tradition of decorating Pookalam is extremely popular in Kerala and is followed as a ritual in every household during ten-day-long Onam celebrations.

Poo - means flower. Kalam means special shape. Pookalams (flower mats) are usually circular in shape.

Onapookkalam is made of various kinds of flowers. Commonly used flowers include Thumba (Lucas Aspera), Kakka Poovu, Thechipoovu, Mukkutti (little tree plant), Chemparathy (shoe flower), Aripoo or Konginipoo (Lantana), Hanuman Kireedom (Red pagoda plant) and Chethi (Ixora). Of all these flowers, Thumba flowers are given more importance in Pookkalam as they are small in size and glitter in the soft rays of the sun.

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